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In this edition we are looking at ways to help your business #bounceforward.
‘Rebooting Australia’, and ‘The Australian recovery story’ are on the agenda. We have reviewed the research and summarised some clear actions business professionals can take to maximise consumer and employee sentiment. We are in the business of bringing people together and supporting your business success. Enjoy this edition’s handpicked content to ensure you maximise your own business opportunities.

Seven ways for Businesses to reboot and be a part of the Australian ‘recovery’ story

Convert Qantas frequent flyer points into customers for small businesses

Qantas has brought back the ‘I still call Australia home’ campaign and brought RedBalloon Gift Cards into the Frequent Flyer Store this month to support local tourism operators. This is a great example of an Australian business supporting our small business community.

A road map for creating emotional connection for your business

Here’s a look at how brands can navigate the changing customer sentiment and put Nigel Malone’s Integrated Communications map to create emotional connection with consumers. We take the theory and put it into practice so that your business can too.

Top 8 must do’s for marketers to take an important role in the Australian [recovery] Story

As we begin to reboot Australia’s economy, the key focus is unlocking consumer sentiment. ‘Opulence’ is out, ‘Grassroots’ is in. We have summarised eight key opportunities for marketers as people choose which brands they want to engage with.

Launch of e-gift cards based on what people asked for

With millions of gift messages on RedBalloon our analysts have determined which are the most common messages for business – and we have put them in a range of new gift cards – just for business.

Interview with Tiny Bear Distillery - Virtual Experience Success Story

On 2 April, RedBalloon published a Virtual Distillery Tour and Tasting Pack. More than 400 people did that experience in only a month. This interview with Tiny Bear Distillery highlights how collaboration means small businesses can find success in a ‘better normal’.

Rebooting Australia – One Regional Business at a Time

Here we present three great businesses and show how small businesses have potential to make a big impact to the economy, bring employment to regional & rural communities. These three business stories show that the ‘better normal’ is business scale ups are happening everywhere – and with great technology and a good internet connection, the world is their oyster.

Salesforce CEO Video Interview with Naomi Simson

Leading Through Change

Being a business leader through this pandemic is a difficult, multifaceted challenge that requires determination and guidance. This video interview now watched by more than 13 million people around the globe – clearly puts Australia on a big stage. A good summary of the pillars you need to successfully lead through change.

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