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As Australia and New Zealand begin to ‘thaw’ – life is different. Customers are choosing to buy and holiday locally. And work has become something we do, rather than somewhere we go. In this edition of Handpicked we look at the latest research on ‘Elevating Customer Experience’ from Mckinsey in Australia and we look at what business professionals can do now to ‘find audience’. We begin to re imagine what ‘the office’ could look like and we announce the best way to keep customers experiencing your brand (in the Apple Wallet). Plus we announce an end of financial year bonus offer when businesses buy from our dedicated gift card mall.


7 ideas to stay top of mind with your customers

Elevating customer experience

Swift action is winning the hearts of customers. There is a big shift to buy local and executives are moving quickly from sophisticated omnichannel customer experiences to improvising just to keep pace.

Find your audience

Not all customers are equal urges marketing guru Seth Godin in his 28 May interview with he offers advice on how to; 1. Embrace change, 2 Find your audience and to, 3. Just be human.

Your brand top of mind

As we begin to reboot Australia’s economy, the key focus is unlocking consumer sentiment. ‘Opulence’ is out, ‘Grassroots’ is in. We have summarised eight key opportunities for marketers as people choose which brands they want to engage with.

Did we all take the office for granted?

Work is something we do, not where we go. Customer experience executives are working remotely, and alone at home. In this post Naomi Simson Founder RedBalloon explores the pro's and cons of the remote customer executive experience.

Making it easy to buy local

We had a look at the past to predict the future and discovered the most popular messages on RedBalloon for Business vouchers. Read what the data tells us about ourselves.

End of Financial Year buy 10 get 1 offer

Buy 10 e-gift cards of the same denomination and we will send you an extra one to the same value. Offer applies only to E-gift cards purchased via Please allow 14 days for the additional card to be delivered (can't be combined with any other offer or discount). T&Cs apply.

We know what is open

We are working closely with our experience supply partners to ensure that we know what is open – and that they are able to operate according to social distance guidelines. Click here too find out what is open and bookmark the page.

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