Our Story

Our journey to becoming Australia's leading experiences provider.

"Trust has never mattered more and trust is built through brand experience."

Leadership is being challenged to adapt quickly – the ‘future of work’ has arrived. Leaders are looking to engage teams remotely, keep stakeholders close, and nurture customer relationships effectively whilst having a view to an ever-changing economic outlook. Shared experiences build human connection. As a trusted Australian brand - our job is to continue to bring people together in new ways.

RedBalloon for Business

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As businesses, as people and as communities, this year has already thrown all of us some unique challenges. At RedBalloon we support more than 1800 smaller Aussie businesses that deliver amazing experiences to millions of Aussies every year. In these times, those businesses need our and your support like never before. Very soon we will be craving unique, enriching and meaningful ways to connect with each other. To explore some of the beauty Australia has on offer and support those that need us.

Give your people something to look forward to when we come out the ‘other side’. Let your customers know you care - and give them a voucher that they can use ‘down the track’. RedBalloon helps build connections - even when you cannot be there in person. Right now a gift of an experience will be a small moment of luxury that will reflect so well on your organisation.

For 20 years we have been bringing people together, we continue to do this and are imaginative in how we build our programs.

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Experiences build emotional connection between the RedBalloon clients and their employees, customers and communities. We want to understand who is important for your own future business success and then we design programs around this.

RedBalloon for Business focuses on the importance of rewarding and recognising in the moment, gifting for the future, and building meaningful connections. We want people to tell the stories about the brand experience we delivered on your behalf.

"Adversity can also be a time of great clarity, an opportunity to reset priorities, of thinking about the kind of life we want for ourselves, for our families and for our nation." Bernard Salt

After all of this we will make clear choices about who we spend time with and what we do. Local, Australian owned experiences will play a big part in that.

Trusted Brand, Trusted Experiences, Trusted Connections.

About Naomi Simson Founder

Naomi had a corporate career with Apple, KPMG, IBM and Ansett Australia prior to becoming an entrepreneur. She is a prolific blogger, podcaster and business commentator, and is the #RedShark on Shark Tank Australia. A true business leader and influencer, with more than 2.9 million LinkedIn followers, Naomi is Australia’s most followed person on the business networking platform. She has authored two best-selling books Live What You Love, and Ready to Soar, and is sought after speaker. To hear more from Naomi...go to her blog Subscribe to Naomi's newsletter Listen to Naomi's podcast with small business owners Invitations to Naomi's events

Our History

Founded by entrepreneur Naomi Simson in 2001 from her home in Sydney Australia, RedBalloon was a pioneer in the experience economy. RedBalloon connects 2000 small Australian activity operators to corporate clients.

In 2019 it delivered more than 600,000 participants to activities throughout Australia and New Zealand. RedBalloon is famous for the experience gift and has been delivering vouchers for twenty years. Fuji Xerox was the first corporate customer (sales incentive program), American Express (Member Rewards) and Optus (Length of Service Awards) followed soon after back in 2002. Now RedBalloon has more than 3000 business clients – and each program is different. Many clients self-serve by purchasing vouchers online – whilst others design more comprehensive programs.

At RedBalloon for Business creates shared experiences – through the programs it designs. With access to thousands of experiences across Australia, our approach celebrates the humanness of shared activities to build trust and connection in the workplace.